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Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country that a lot of people want to visit, but they get worried because of the military bureaucracy running the country. Despite that, Myanmar is a gorgeous country, always encouraging foreigners to visit and experience everything the country has to offer.

Unless you hold a passport for Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, or Cambodia, you’re going to need to get a tourist visa before you can visit the country yourself. The countries listed above can stay in Myanmar for up to 14 days. If you’re from Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, or Macau, you can travel without a visa for up to 28 days. Chinese and Indian passport holders need to pay fifty USD to obtain a visa on arrival.

But for the rest of us, we need to get a visa. We used to have to find an embassy building to get our visas before we could arrive. Otherwise, we’d be turned away when we landed. Now, we can go online and apply for our visas. You don’t have to be in your home country when you apply online! The website, itself, is easy to navigate!

How to get a Myanmar visa in the USA

Before you begin any of these steps, make sure you know for a fact everything is correct. Make sure your picture size is correct and everything you enter in your visa application is correct. The visa application isn’t refundable!

  • Check your passport to make sure it’s more than six months away from its expiration date.
  • Get a small color photo of yourself. Usually, a passport-sized photo is accepted. Grab your credit card.
  • Go on the Myanmar Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population Website. Follow the directions on the website.
  • Pay at the end of the application. Usually, a single-entry visa costs about fifty USD.

When you finished applying for your visa, you’ll need to wait three working days for your application to be processed. After that, you’ll have ninety days to visit Myanmar! If you don’t travel to Myanmar within the 90 days after your visa’s been issued, you’ll have to apply for the visa all over again! You can stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days, and you’re not allowed to work while you’re there.

After you get the visa

After you receive your visa, you’ll receive a letter approving your visa. Bring that with you to the airport so you can a sticker or a stamp in your passport. Make sure your passport is valid for up to six months!

The visa only takes up one page inside your passport!

Once you have everything together, that’s less stress for you on your trip! Now, all you need to do is go to Myanmar and enjoy your time while you’re there! If there is any other information you need or are looking for things to do in Myanmar, you can check out the embassy website for tourism there!!


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